This half day tour, lead us to 56 Km. South-East from La Serena, in between two hills, this locality , form part of the last ramificatión of Mountain Range, situated to a high of 1.100 meters above sea level.
With a pleasant climate which is characterize by offer a sunny days the all year round, arrive to Andacollo is not difficult, a expeditious road and totally paved linked with La Serena, only 45 munutes of trip by the D 41 route.
Road of the great natural beauty, to take us for ravines and hills , pass by the small towns of Maitencillo and San Antonio.

Ciudad de Andacollo
Iglesia Chica

Arrival to Andacollo town, can be observe the relaves of antique minery, enterprize that processes  minerals, plus two towers of the church which characterize the town.
Being in this town, is very important to go over of the principal street call José Tomas de Urdeneta, and have the particularly over view of the principal part of the town.
 See the Artisan ore- crusher which  showing us the complete process of the gold extractión.

Follow up the route , we will observe the Virgin Museum which date  since XVII  Century that building  is full of testimony yhat the  Pilgrims, offer to the Virgin of Rosario beside of this constructión found the  Small Temple, a classic  constractión  from 1.772.
In this church stay the Virgin of Rosario during the year, has a beatiful Mayor Altar, a Silver archway , and behind this Altar we found the Small Room of the Virgin.To the left side of the Square, is the Minor Basilica, a wonderful constructión with beatiful plate of black marmol , veined of grey, crowned by 13 ovals painted with the motives of Gospel from Jonic-Roman Style.

State as a National Monument  in 1.981  and well know as the Big Church to hold the huge numbers of Pilgrims to came to visit the Town.
The Roman- Byzantine style Church, has twins towers and a copula of 45 Mt.
The principal Altar was manufacturing in Paris, has an enter which is support by 8 columns and entry to 3 principals doors hold a capacity of the 10.000 persons.

Basilica Mayor

Knowing the system of Gold extractión , that still is using today , visit to the ore-crushed plant, where the dry stone wall man call pirquinero, will explain the antique process to obtained the Gold.
The Maray, is an artisan system,to usefor grinding minerals, use by hands, with the help of cylinder grinding stone that rest over a cup that in the beginning was from stone and actually is from concrete.
It was very useful back in 1.935-36 , today it is found as an ornament in the houses yard.
The Ore-Crusher, call trapiche, is a mechanical system use in  the Minerals Operations use for the grinding and extractión of metal  as Gold and Copper.

Minerales de Andacollo Minero
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