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Departure from la Serena or Coquimbo heading north where we find the coastal area Punta de Teatinos, which is the northern border of the Coquimbo Bay. In this place Laguna Saladita is located, one of the most important humedales of the northen regions.

This humedalhas a tremendous biodiversity and it is considered part of an interesting ecosystemic chain located in the aridity.



Vista Laguna Saladita




This humedal od 12.000 acres, belongs to the Coastal Humedal System of the Coquimbo Region and its coordinates are 29°40' and 71°16' . It has a fluvio marine terrace of 17 metres. Going down the ocean we find Quebrada de Barrancas, place that serves as temporary " stop over " for migratory birds.






FLORA: Lucumillo, Copao, Uvillo, Congonilla, Rumplato, Retamo, Palo Gordo, Bollén.

FAUNA : Chungungo, Pingüino de Humboldt, Bandurria, Junco, Lile, Guanay, Gaviotín Monja, Garza Cuca, Garza Azul, Huariravillo, Cisne Cuello Negro, Becasina, Halcón Peregrino, Sapo de Atacama, Sapito de Cuatro Ojos, Chorlo Playero, Gaviota Gruma, Taguas, Pilpelén, Rayador, etc...  






FOUNDATION : Area of hugh endenism, great variety of birds and other species in Punta de Teatinos and along the northern coast.

This tour offers 5 hours of guided observation , enjoying the landscape and great variety of birds.



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