The brand new observatory is an ambicious project intended to become one of the World´s most appealing places for public touristic observations at night.
What makes this observatory special, is, that it´s the 
only public touristic observatory in Chile run by astronomers.

They propose world-class equipment, among that the current largest public telescope in Chile. On the contrary to other scientific observatories like “Observatorio Cerro Tololo”, “La Silla” or “Las Campañas” (which can only be visited on Saturdays, during the day, with a previous reservation at least four months before and directly with the observatory) this one is accessible for nocturnal observations too.

Location: The “Observatorio Del Pangue” is situated in an area called Elqui Valley (approximately 480km (300mi) north of Chile´s capital Santiago) and about 17 km (10mi) away from the town of Vicuña, on a sealevel of 1500m (5000ft.).
The region is espacially suitable for astronomic observatories because of a favorable climate, total absence of light pollution and an average amount of 300 days with clear sky. The geographical latitude is an advantage too, because at exact 30° south the observatory is ideally located to observe the most exclusive areas in the Southern Sky.

Observatorio Collowara
Telescopio Collowara


Equipment: Depending on the “Tour”, different telescopes are involved, i.e.: the “Tour Astro” with both a 30 cm (12”) newtonian Orion SkyQuest telescope, a series well renowed for its high quality of optics and a last generation computarized 40cm (16”) Meade LX200R telescope. The other programmes include a 63cm (25”) telescope.

The main tour lasts 2 hours and is runned for a minimum of 8 and to preserve the quality in attention for a maximum of 16 people. Every group is assisted by 2 guides, speaking Spanish, English and French.

We can really recommend a visit to this public observatory because it´s at the highest stage, well equipped, at the perfect location and run by experts.

For Information: ventas@ingservtur.cl


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