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Departure: 08:30 hrs. Until 18:30 hrs
(Minimun 5 paxs)

Departure from La Serena. Then we drive southwards on the Pan-American Highway, going along the coast and admiring beautiful beaches such as La Herradura , Las Tacas, and Guanaqueros. Then, as we leave the coast behind, we will have the opportunity of observing permanent thick fog (camanchaca or coastal clouds) above coast hill, a phenomenon that produces moisture in this area. Then, going inland to the east, we will be able to appreciate some crops of “pepino”, here called sweet cucumber - and the raising of cattle.

Then, we will drive towards the “Enchantment Valley” travelling on a country road. This valley has great archaeological importance, being considered an open-air museum of scientific and cultural interest. “El Molle Culture” and other groups of hunters inhabited this valley from circa 2,000 BC until 600 AD. In this area, it is possible to find an incredible and interesting number of petroglyphs depicting masks, heads with antennae, tiaras, sun symbols, and snake-like and fish-like shapes deeply engraved in rocks. Also, it is possible to see pictographs of lineal drawings, human beings, and other figures in natural paint. We will also have the opportunity of seeing the small cup stones or Piedras Tacitas.

Continue along the Road of Grapes and Vineyards towards Tabalí Vineyard. The offer from Viña Tabalí consists of different types of wine, each one with its own special and distinctive characteristics. The main characteristic present in its two lines; Reserve and Special Reserve; is that both were prepared “over a slow fire” as a result of a very moderate climate where the maximum and minimum temperatures are not extreme and where there is scanty rainfall. Visit of the winery and wine tasting.

Right afterwards, drive to a nearby restaurant where a lunch will be served. Afterwards, return to La Serena.







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