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Departure: 08:00 hrs. until 18:30 hrs
(Minimun 5 paxs)

This fascinating full day excursion is an invitation for nature lovers and adventurers alike. The tour starts in the morning from La Serena driving north along the Pan-American Highway through the "Norte Chico," a semi-desert area with scarce vegetation dominated by cacti. The route continues over long curving hill roads and low accesses that allow you numerous perspectives of the rocky coast. In the morning it is possible to observe a permanent thick fog above the hills, the "camanchaca", and a unique "Fog Water Collection System", supplies water collected by nets to the coastal fishing village of Chungungo

Arriving at the small fishing village of Caleta Punta   Choros, which is 122 kilometers from La Serena, from here the Gaviota, Choros and Damas Islands can be seen, they form part of the Humboldt Penguin Natural Reservation and are administered by the National Forestry Corporation (CONAF).
From Caleta Punta Choros the tour departs in a small-motorized fishing boat, with life jackets supplied, the wearing of which is compulsory.
The boat navigates around the three islands in safe waters depending on weather conditions. There is the opportunity to admire the marine life of this area. In the waters surrounding Choros Island lives a colony of bottlenose dolphins, unique in that this is one of only three colonies in the world.

Usually they can be seen often performing jumps and pirouettes, but they do occasionally migrate to the surroundings. In the rocky shoreline of Choros Island are handsome sea lions and a large variety of seabirds, often penguins can be spotted The tour disembarks at Isla Damas with time to enjoy its beaches of white sand and surroundings before returning by boat to the Caleta Punta Choros. In the village on the coast lunch is provided in a typical fish and shellfish restaurant in the simple fishing village. The tour returns back to La Serena during the evening with a spectacular sunset.




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