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The Coquimbo Region is a special place for those interested or working in agriculture  and related fields.  Because of its unique location in the semi arid low coastal hills of the pre Andean range, the Region benefits from two extraordinary transversal valleys whose yield is rich in fruits, vegetables and vineyards making this a zone of astonishingly rich vegetation in  contrast to the natural surrounding of semi arid desert.










The valleys of the Elqui and Limari rivers have the benefit of a combination of clear skies and sunshine all year round.   The low rainfall, yearly average 96 mm. is counteracted by integrated irrigation systems of dams and canals  The valleys  utilize the 'drip irrigation' system which is effectively used for the production of all types of crops. The ideal growing conditions together with soil rich in natural minerals have  been encouraged by the Government in the research and development of agriculture in semi arid  regions.


Recent experiments  have been in tuna cactus plantations  for the production of cochineal  the natural red colourant produced by insects living as parasites on the tuna cactus, the development of the 'pepino' (sweet cucumber), new fruits and organic production of crops, especially tomatoes. Large areas of land in these two valleys are devoted to the production of grapes for wine and pisco as well as an expansive exportation of the early table grapes to all parts of the world through the Port of Coquimbo.  The recent success of this valuable  export which has rapid transportation via an infrastructure of good road and sea communications together with a reliable workforce producing export grapes of both quality and quantity.





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