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Chile is a unique country whose unusual  geography encompasses so many different environments from the Atacama Desert in the North to the Antarctic in the South.  On the Pacific coast of South America, the country stretches along 4300 km of coastline  but is hardly ever more than 180 km wide as the high mountain range of the Andes isolates it from its neighbours, Argentina, Bolivia and Peru Chile is one of the continent's most developed nations.  Over one third of the total population of 17.4 million live in the capital, Santiago, in the Central Valley.
The visitor however is attracted to many of the remote and un-spoilt places.  The options are many and varied from the vast empty desert  areas of the
Atacama Desert to the heart of the Andes reaching up to more than 5,000 meters, where there are snow capped volcanoes and dramatic landscapes stretching across wild, untamed places.  Adventure tourism offers some of  the best trekking, fishing and skiing opportunities in the southern hemisphere.


The country is divided into twelve administrative regions from north to south, together with the Metropolitan  region of Santiago.  Each region has its attractions and individual tourism activities.  San Pedro de Atacama and Torres del Paine are probably the most well known and visited as well as Easter Island in the Pacific, but there are many more places which are gradually becoming more frequented.  In the IV Region of Coquimbo with its near perfect climate, the city of La Serena and the Port of Coquimbo make an ideal stopping place for those traveling to the North.  Here the fertile transversal  Elqui Valley attracts those who interested in astronomy for the skies here are the clearest in the world.


Whatever part is visited the Chilean people are noted for their warm hospitality, friendliness and creativity.  Folklore and music go hand in hand with the Chilean traditions and culture. The wide variety of food and wine  produced locally in the regions gives the Chilean cuisine an individual flavour.  Many gastronomic dishes are based on the local fish and shellfish found along the extensive coastline.  The Chilean liquor "pisco" which is like a clear type of brandy is the national drink, often served as a "pisco sour", is produced in the Elqui  and Limarí Valley and there are many excellent quality Chilean wines.  The visitor  is often surprised and captivated by the character, landscape and welcome in this "long thin country" of Chile.

:  Spanish
Currency:  Chilean peso, Most accept credit cards:- American Express, Diners, Master Card and Visa.
Business Hours: Banks
9:00 - 2:00 pm
 Monday  -  Friday. Business Hours vary from city to city.

Museums: Tuesdays  -  Saturdays  10:00 - 5:30 pm  Sundays  -  10:00 - 1:00 pm     Closed Mondays



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Public Transport:  Regular flights to most cities by  Lan Chile, Good coach/bus services by day and night to the North and South
Taxis and buses available locally.  'Colectivos' - have a fixed route. And carry up to four passengers.
Car Rental: Passports and driving licenses needed.  Major credit cards accepted. Every city has car rental. 
Health: Advisable to drink bottled water. Vegetables and shellfish should be cooked  before eating.  Good clinics and hospitals located in all cities.
Tipping  -  Restaurants etc.  customary 10%

For Information: ventas@ingservtur.cl

Reservations: reservas@ingservtur.cl

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