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Collowara Observatory



For everyone who would like to be part of a magical adventure.  We will start our trip towards Andacollo in the early evening.  Travel time is approximately 1 hour. There will be a brief stop in the main downtown square of Andacollo before heading up to the Collowara Observatory which is located approximately 1,300 meters above sea level.  Cerro Churqui is recognized by the astronomical community for possessing excellent skies for space observation. The tour will begin with a multimedia presentation about the stars, galaxies, and planets that you will observe in detail.

This is a privileged location surronded by beautiful scenery and free of light contamination.  Collowara Observatory is equipped with 4 high definition telescopes.
The main telescope is a Smith Cassigrein which measures 14’’.

Telescopio Collowara.


Observatorio Collowara


Outside the Observatory are 3 observation decks where you can enjoy the view and see the other professional observatories “El Tololo” and “Geminis”.  Inside the Observatory is a room for videoconferencing, cafeteria, and a souvenir stand.  After the tour is completed we will return to La Serena.




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