Flowering Desert 2015

Reservations are made upon confirmation of the occurrence of the phenomenon


The phenomenon of the flowering of the desert rarely takes place because it is dependent upon necessary rainfall in the Winter Months. Sufficient rain is needed for the seeds, which have been lying dormant in the dry desert to come to life and flourish for a very short time in the spring. It is only possible to enjoy this 'miracle' in the desert for a very short time, from the end of August until mid October. The seeds which lie dormant for many years are specially adapted to these extreme conditions, but which are able to come back to life should there be the unusual rains to awaken the dry desert into a multi coloured spectacle. More than 200 species of flowers can be identified including the red and yellow aņaņucas and the unique lions paw which is very rare.

When the dry desert comes to life and flourishes it is a  wonderful sight, the opportunity to enjoy the colours of the blooms that cover the plains and gorges can be in contrast to the surrounding arid mountains.  But this is no ordinary occurrence, the last time was in 2011 but 1991 and 1997 were the most impressive.  Before that there were only three opportunities in 1963, 1972 and 1987. 

Traveling north from La Serena along the Route 5, the Pan American highway beyond Vallenar where the desert begins to flower, there is a choice of routes towards the northern coast which are particularly suitable for discovering this spectacle especially around the "Huasco" valley and northwards to Puerto Carrzal, around Algarrobal and Chacritas.  Going south there are expanses of flourishing desert areas towards Guangueros and Tongoy but one of the most beautiful places to visit in the spring is the Fray Jorge National Park, with an ecosystem where the  semi arid desert comes to life, contrasting with the vegetation of the Valdivian woodlands kept watered by the sea fog or "camanchaca". All these locations are worth visiting to appreciate the chance to see this unusual  miracle.










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