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A wide range of exclusive gifts have been made carefully by handcrafting the beautiful blue semi precious stone, lapis lazuli, which is only found in Chile and Afghanistan.  In the Region of Coquimbo  this stone is found  3000 meters high up in the Andes Mountains, near Tulahuen, about  80 km. from Ovalle and mined only in the summer months because it is impossible  to reach the mine through the winter snows of the high Andes. This decorative tradition of using this stone for jewellery and crafts is more than 9000 years old.  Even today these attractive products are unique and a variety of handcrafts are used in  home decoration.






"The stone of the cross" is another semi precious stone mined near Concepcion, in the south  of Chile, and has a very unusual marking in the shape of a cross. This jewellry is a unique reminder of a visit to Chile especially with its association of  the Cross of the Third Millennium which rises impressively above the Port of Coquimbo.

A selection of gifts which include spheres, pyramids, stones, watches, paperweights, models, rings, bracelets, pins, ear rings necklaces etc. are available, the Ingservtur guides will explain both about the stones and where to buy these gifts.





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