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Today this  Region enjoys visitors all year round as it offers a wealth of attractions with its beautiful beaches, mild climate, dramatic landscapes, fascinating history and  activities  related to special interests such as astronomy, agriculture, gastronomy.  La Serena, the capital of the IV Region of Chile is proud of its Spanish colonial style  architecture preserved in this compact and quiet city where history allows the visitor to wander  through the past by visiting the well documented archaeological museum. The nearby city of Coquimbo is a well established port with a natural harbour for the increasing volume of exportation of the early table grapes from the Region to all parts of the world, together with the export of minerals and fish products


In the Region there has been an increasing development in the fishing, mining and agricultural industries which together with an expanding boom in tourism has allowed the Coquimbo Region to prosper.




Good road and air transport connections to the capital, Santiago, and to the cities in the north of Chile, Arica, Antofagasta, Calama and San Pedro de Atacama have helped make this Region an important stopping place for travelers.
The micro climate of this Region also enables the plants and flowers to enhance the public and residential areas with various hibiscus, floribunda, poinsettia and bougainvillea  in profusion.  Visitors enjoy lingering in this Region to savour the delights of its many and varied attractions and to partake in the traditional hospitality, taking time to taste the local gastronomic dishes, wine and of course to try the
'pisco', the national drink of Chile, which is made by the distillation of wine into a type of clear brandy and produced in this Region.







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