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This full day excursion departs in the morning from La Serena driving south along the Pan American Highway admiring the beautiful beaches such as La Herradura, Las Tacas and Guanaqueros on the way.  As the coast is left behind there is an opportunity to observe the permanent  thick fog settled above the coastal hills (the camanchaca), which produces the high humidity of this area.  Going inland from the coast towards the east the various agricultural crops can be seen including the fruit "pepino"  (sweet cucumber) grown in this region. 








Continuing along the route of the grapes with such fertile lands the tour arrives at the "Francisco de Aguirre Vineyard" which is situated on the gentle rocky slopes of the semi arid  valley as it stretches from the Andes  Mountains to the Pacific Ocean.  After a visit to see the different types of vineyards with an explanation of the complete process of Chilean wine making the visit is topped off by an enjoyable  tasting in a natural underground cave.










Leaving the vineyards behind the tour passes through the picturesque town of Ovalle, capital of the Limari Province.  This city is where leading producers of vegetables and fruits come from the surrounding rural villages to market their products.   Heading towards the Paloma Dam, the visitor is able to learn about the largest integrated irrigation system in Chile and the second largest in South America.  The reservoir has a water storage capacity of 750 million cubic meters, covers an area of 3,000 hectares and allows for the irrigation of thousands of hectares during drought periods.  It is also a good photo stop to enjoy the panoramic views of this huge artificial lake amidst the semi arid coastal Andean mountains.











The day also includes lunch in a traditional Chilean restaurant.  The return to La Serena is made along an inland route arriving in the evening.





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