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This full day excursion departs in the morning from La Serena driving south along the Pan-American Highway with opportunity to admire the beautiful beaches of La Herradura, Las Tacas and Guanaqueros.  Leaving the coast behind there is an opportunity to observe the permanent thick fog settled above the coastal hills (the camanchaca) which produces the high humidity  of this area.  Going inland towards the east the great variety of crops grown in this fertile valley can been seen including the "pepino" or sweet cucumber. Continuing along the route of the grapes the tour arrives at the "Tamaya Vineyard”, the second Vineyard of the north of Chile. At the vineyard you will taste wines of its own production. This vineyard is well knows for its unique coupages, blends of wine stocks as Viognier, Sangiovenese and Carmenere.













After a visit to see the different vineyards with an explanation of the complete process of Chilean winemaking, the visit is topped off by an enjoyable tasting in a natural underground cave.  Leaving the vineyards behind, the tour continues to the picturesque town of Ovalle, capital of the Limari Province.  This city is where leading producers of fruits and vegetables come from the surrounding rural villages to market their wares. The day includes a typical lunch in a traditional Chilean restaurant. Leaving Ovalle the tour continues to the Enchanted Valley National Monument.









Here petroglyphs, pictographs and characteristic mortars ground into the rock whisper of days long ago when the Indians of the El Molle Culture inhabited this valley of gargantuan boulders and murmuring streams.  After a guided walk to enjoy the magic of this valley which is of great archaeological importance as an open air museum of scientific and cultural interest.  The tour returns to La Serena along an inland route in the early evening.




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